Saturday 14th September 2024

Dear Volunteer,

Thanks for taking part in our Last Night of the BBC proms 2024 EU flags giveaway. This will be the 6th year we are doing this. It is important to support the musicians who are so badly affected by Brexit, and to highlight how the majority of people in the UK never wanted to leave the EU.

Prommers arrive at the hall early to get the best spot in the queue. In previous years prommers have started queueing from 15:00. The BBC do not like us giving out flags on the Albert Hall property itself so we need to catch people before they go onto their land. If somebody is in the queue already we might not be able to get a flag to them. So we need to be there before them. Due to this we ideally want some volunteers to be there from 1500. And of course, if you can only come later, that will still be useful. The busiest time we expect will be 1800 to 19:30. 

Volunteer Sign Up

Please sign up here if you have not done so already , so that we know how many volunteers we have and also keep in contact:

    If you give us your phone number we will add you to a whatsapp group for updates and chat on the day.

    Other Information

    The meeting point when you arrive will be at the bottom of the Albert Hall steps on Prince Consort Road. You will find people in our “Thank Eu For the Music” t-shirts who will direct you. We would like everybody to be wearing the t-shirt as this is our brand that we have used for the last five years. If you have the T-shirt or a bEUret from a previous year, please wear it. T-Shirts will be available, suggested donation is £20, the money will be used to buy more flags for next year and other events. 

    You will be given a branded tote bag and inside you will find: hand flags and leaflets which explain the issues caused by brexit for musicians, you will also find some larger 3*5 flags. The 3*5 flags are for people who have seats in the Grand Tier or Second Tier boxes.. These seats have places to drape large flags. Please do ask people where they are sitting. The big flags are more expensive and we need to make sure if we give them away they will end up on show in the hall prominently.  

    In previous years we had some issues with UK flag sellers. You have just as much right to be there as they do so please do not be intimidated by them.

    If you encounter a hostile person, please do not engage, walk away, they are not worth it. We do not want to be associated with any trouble outside the hall. We have built a good relationship with the Albert Hall over the last six years and do not want to tarnish this. The proms is a joyful occasion and not a place for arguments. We are there to support musicians and celebrate the EU. 

    The Albert Hall has doors all the way round and people can attend from any side. A satellite view of the Albert Hall is below where you can see suggested places to be to catch the most people:

    If there are too many people in one place then please spread out. Keep an eye on the whatsapp chat as there may be calls for volunteers at other places.

    There will be a need later on for flags runners to restock people’s bags.

    If you happen to have a ticket for the last night and are planning to go inside then please do let us know.

    We suggest always working in pairs. 

    Kind regards,