Granny Remain

Granny Remain may be old but she voted to remain. She has the EU in her blood, from her blue starry headscarf, right down to her star-spangled bloomers.

Jo Remain

Jo Remain – Granny’s daughter – is a staunch europhile too, who’s even dyed her hair bright blue and topped it with a gold star-spangled trilby. She’s all about EU – No Brexit!

Granny and Jo believe in the power of satirical singing, to draw in the crowds, so that the serious message of the danger of Brexit can be delivered.

Granny’s message: “I’m Granny Remain. We olds ain’t all the same. I voted to stay European that day! You won’t stop me, I’m part of the EU, til the day I die.”

Faux BojoFaux BoJo

Faux BojoFaux BoJo (a.k.a Drew Galdron) – known to many as “Boris Johnson’s conscience” – is a professional Boris Johnson impersonator.

Whilst the real Boris is so easily lampooned in his own right, Drew’s impersonations feature musical and dramatic flair to deliver the clear message, that:

Brexit is no good for Britain,

BoJo has made a mistake by supporting it, and in his role as Britain’s Prime Minister, well and truly – BORIS – HAS – **CKED IT UP!

EU Elvis

EU Elvis is a fabulous EU defending, Brexit fighting hero of the Rejoin movement, who spends his time “fightin’ this doggone Brexit with the power of rock, roll & a hunka hunka burnin EU love. Keep the faith people.”

Delivering his message that Brexit is at odds with the wonder of EU, and that Britain is now caught in a trap and it can’t go back, through the medium of rewritten Elvis tracks, EU Elvis is not to be missed!