The EU flags Proms team started In 2016, following the European Union referendum. Concerns grew that the Last Night would be hijacked and used as a jingoistic celebration of Brexit. So a group of music lovers crowdfunded a large quantity of EU flags to be waved alongside the Union Jack. We were keen to demonstrate that it is possible to be patriotic at the same time as maintaining a European and internationalist identity. The Proms itself represents musicians and music from all corners of Europe. The group adopted the slogan #ThankEUForTheMusic which can be seen on all the volunteers t-shirts.

In 2016 we gave out 2,500 flags, 2017 – 10,000, 2018 – 20,000. 2019 50,000 flags were given out at all the Last Night of the Proms events. The Albert Hall, Hyde Park, Glasgow, Swansea, and Belfast.

Music is a universal language which unites people, breaks down barriers and promotes communication, understanding and peace..  

2019 – Video